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119. Rhassoul Body Bar review - ULA-LA-BEAUTY + HexxBox.

Hi! :)

Today I will review second product that I have received from ULA-LA-BEAUTY and Hexxana. It is a Rhassoul Body Bar. If You are wondering how this product works "with" my face.. read below :)
I am very happy that I can write You a reliable review after two months using Rhassoul Body Bar!

Product description from site:


After much deliberation, testing and research, we decided that the time had come for us to launch the truly wonderful Rhassoul Body Bar.

As phenomenal as Rhassoul Clay is, there will never be a substitute for the pure clay mixed with water, we now realise that with the hectic work schedules and busy lifestyles that we live it is now the time to have the convenience of the Rhassoul Body Bar.

This is a hand crafted bar made with the finest organic materials, manufactured in the UK. We are very proud of this product and hope that you enjoy it too.

Key Benefits

The Rhassoul Body Bar can be used as a shampoo and body wash for men, we don't recommend that it is used on longer hair.

The Rhassoul Clay and the other excellent organic ingredients make for a truly wonderful body wash leaving the skin feeling cleansed and conditioned.


Filtered water (aqua), rapeseed oil (sodium brassica rapus), sustainable palm oil (sodium palmate kernelate), coconut oil (sodium cocoate) organic Rhassoul Clay (Moroccan lava clay)

How to Apply

Moisten skin then enjoy using the Organic Rhassoul Body Bar as one would use soap. Rinse off thoroughly.


I have decided to use this to cleanse my face.

I have received this Body Bar in December and I am using it every single day, morning and evening. Body Bar is packaged in a wrap of corrugated cardboard tied with straw, which I like. I keep this soap in my drawer and when I have to use it, simply I cut a piece of it. For me this is more hygienic than dipping whole soap in water. I don't like use soap dish. So my Rhassoul body bar is dry, all the time :) 

Theres no chemical smell (only pure and natural scent), and this soap is not foamy. I love it! 

After using it, I feel that my skin is very well cleaned! Also I don't feel squeaky feeling that you can get with other soaps. My skin is soft, so it doesn't even need moisturiser. But as I told You IN THIS POST, I use on my face an Argan Oil every evening. The soap is so gentle, I love using it to remove makeup (I mean, residue of makeup). My skin feels perfectly balanced afterwards. I've noticed that my makeup keep longer on my face and finally I don't have problems with oily skin.

After two months I still have more than half a soap!!!

If You are looking for natural body bar and would like to minimise your exposure to chemicals - You should definitely try this product. I am very pleased :)

Photos after 2 months :)

You can buy Rhassoul Body Bar HERE!

100 g / 7,50£

From me: 5/5!

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